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What do our baseball equipment reviews look at?

When we review a piece of equipment, we look at the following aspects:

  • Amount of Protection – The most important thing to look at with any equipment is the amount of protection it provides you. The last thing any player wants to be caught with is improperly fitted gear that provides very little protection. After all if you aren’t protected, you leave yourself vulnerable to substantial injuries.
  • Durability – Another aspect to consider is how durable the equipment is. No one wants to spend hard earned money only to have their equipment wear down or become obsolete.
  • Performance – With the amount of innovation that has gone on with the equipment industry, there have been substantial improvements made to performance. We break down and only look at equipment that will improve your game not hinder it.
  • Price – Price is another factor that we consider when building our lists of the top equipment. We don’t want you worrying about spending a ton of money either

We try and balance all of these items to help bring you the top choices.

Types of Equipment

So what types of equipment do you need to play baseball? This largely depends on the player, but for the most part all players will need the following:

  • Bat – The most common piece of equipment but often the hardest to get right. There are so many bats around so finding the right one for your swing can be a tough process. You can check out our bats section to begin looking at what we feel are the best right now.
  • Glove – Depending on the position you play, the choice of glove can be a difficult one as well. Catchers mitts, and first baseman gloves for instance are made much differently than gloves for infielders and outfielders. Plus if you are a youth-level player you probably want to stick with something generic.
  • Footwear – The type of footwear you use largely depends on your age and the type of field you play on. There are many rules that exist in some parks that don’t allow the full use of metal cleats. However, the use of regular shoes on the diamond will quickly put you at a disadvantage if you play on surfaces that allow their use.
  • Uniform – In most cases this will be provided by the team you play for. However in some cases, you may need to pick up a new pair of pants should you get too many holes in them.
  • Catching Gear (optional) – If you want to pursue a career as a catcher, you’ll also want to invest in some highly protective gear. By far the most dangerous position on the field, the catcher has many different things to look out for.

For more information on other equipment, please check out the following video:

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