Baseball Bats

If you are a hitter looking to upgrade your swing in time for the 2016 season then you have come to the right spot for baseball bat reviews. This page in particular is dedicated to finding you the top ones approved by the BBCOR standard.

The BBCOR standard, otherwise known as Batted Ball Coefficient of Restitution, is the newest mandate required for all high school and NCAA baseball players. The last time I checked, there were at least 60 different models of Adult BBCOR bats available making the choice difficult for the average person. This list of baseball bat reviews has been updated for the most recent baseball season and will be updated each and every year ensuring you have the most up to date information.

Guide to finding the best baseball bat

Comparison Table

Demarini Voodoo
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Demarini CF8
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Easton Mako Beast
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Rawlings Velo
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Review (/5)554.54.5
MaterialHalf and HalfCompositeCompositeAluminum
ConstructionTwo pieceTwo pieceTwo pieceOne piece
SwingEnd LoadedBalancedEnd LoadedBalanced
BBCOR Certified?YesYesYesYes
GripN/AN/ATORQ TAQSynthetic leather
BarrelThickness-Tuned X14ParaFlexTCT ThermopOp 2.0
Barrel Diameter2 5/8"2 5/8"2 5/8"2 5/8"
Warranty (days)365365365365

Quick Baseball bat reviews – Our top 5

baseball bat reviewsDemarini Voodoo: The Voodoo has been a favorite for many years. Where the first two above were perfect for increasing swing speeds, the Voodoo prides itself in the amount of power it produces. Demarini has built an X12 alloy into the Voodoo which is very strong and has the durability to last many seasons. With a balanced swing weight, and and a comfortable swing, this one remains a true winner. Read our full review.

best baseball batsDemarini CF Zen and Insane: Building on the successful CF6, CF7, and CF8’s, Demarini has come out strong again with their brand new CF series which includes the Zen and Insance models. Using brand new ParaFlex composite throughout the entire construction, hitters will now feel a little extra pop without the extra weight experienced with others. A new “D-Fusion 2.0” handle has also been added to the CF series which promises no vibrations whatsoever. Read our full review.

Easton XL1: The most power packed bat in our list is the XL1 made by Easton. With an extended barrel and full composite construction, you’ll be taking pitches deep in no time! Although it swings slightly heavier than others in our list, it is a power hitters true best friends because when you make good contact with this one, you can instantly feel the extra pop that has been generated. Read our full review.

Easton S400: Most of the bats in our list range from the typical $200-$300 range. At less than $60, the Easton S400 has tremendous value. Although it won’t give you the amount of pop that the other in this list will, it still provides an adequate amount of power and a faster swing speed. More suited for those who are not quite at competitive levels, there is much to like about this one. Read our full review.

Rip-it AIR: One of the most popular bats this year has to be the Rip-it Air. What many hitters enjoy about the Prototype Air is the incredibly quick swing speeds it produces. In fact, Rip-it believes that it has developed the quickest swinging BBCOR bat in the entire market. So far many agree! Many players are quickly noticing how much better their swings are becoming which in turns leads to better results. Read our full review.

Factors used to find the best BBCOR bats

There are several factors that go into deciding which bats are best. No two swings are ever the same, therefore it isn’t an easy by process by any stretch. However, the following factors were used to help compile a list that would suit the majority of people.

  • Construction – The way it is built goes a long way for factors such as durability and longevity. Bats that tend to crack easier than others were not ones we thought deserved positive reviews. We also looked at both one-piece and two-piece systems when making a decision. Two-piece bats in general tend to damage a bit easier as they are molded together using a couple of different materials. However, many players prefer the trampoline effect that two-piece ones provide over their one-piece counterparts.
  • Benefits – A large part of our review section is dedicated to providing you the top benefits that each bat provides. Some are designed to improve swing speed while other are designed to give a player more power. A player can also find other benefits in the one they chose by way of comfort, increased durability, or weight distribution. Either way we have done our best to indicate which benefits we felt were better than others.
  • Price point – When you compare the Demarini CF6 with the Worth Copperhead, which would you consider the better option? Now if you were a beginner and found the Worth Copperhead was $300 less expensive would you still buy the CF6? Each of our reviews describe the bat from a value perspective as well. As you see in the table above, we include some that cost $300 while others that only cost $100.
  • Bells & Whistles – Whether it is a powerful end cap or a comfortable grip, we look at all of these extra little features to determine if they are really worth the hype.

What is BBCOR?

The goal of the BBCOR standard is to provide a little more stiffness than that found in previous aluminum bat. Essentially, using a BBCOR baseball bat, a hitter will notice a reduction in the trampoline effect that some bats can have. Deadening the energy transfer ever so slightly helps make an aluminum bat feel as close to a wooden one as possible. Making all players comply to this new regulation will help to even the playing field a bit further. The results some players were seeing were simply unfair and now to achieve the same performance a hitter will have to learn how to be more accurate and swing a little faster.

How to Size your Baseball Bat

Baseball bats come in various sizes, shapes, material and weight. Smaller hitter have a tougher time hitting with heavier bats, while bigger hitters need a little more weight so they can take a pitcher deep. It is very important for you to find the correct one which largely depends on your physical stature and comfort level to be a very good hitter. Here are some tips for sizing and finding the right bat:

  • You need to first measure your height with shoes on. You can review a chart to find the right bat according to your height.
  • Stand the bat close to your body to see if it is too long and whether it is ultimately heavy to use or not.
  • The knob area must more or less match your hip.
  • You need to also size according to your weight. Even though the height is more often than not considered as the main criterion to choose a baseball bat, it would be ideal to choose the size of a bat depending on the height as well as the weight of the hitter

Wooden Vs Composite: Which is better?

The game of baseball is evolving like never before and so is the equipment used to play the game. One of the most interesting things in the game that is changing very frequently nowadays is the materials used to manufacture the best in the business. Earlier, bats were only made using wood. Nowadays we have seen tremendous growth in aluminum construction. Wood bats are expensive. But, the risks that are attached to the use of metal more often than not outweigh the costs and players as well as spectators are prone to injury with metal. Wood bats are used by professional baseball players.

Composite material entered the game in the 1990’s much after the aluminum came into the game. Composite bats do not cost as much as wooden bats. Some differences between composite and wooden include:

  • Composite tend to have a larger sweet spot, and more flexible handle
  • Composite makes a hitter look better and are considered to be a performance booster. This is why it has been banned in many professional leagues

Wooden bats are able to withstand any weather and are quite durable. Wood bats are less forgiving and a player needs to have a very good hand-eye coordination to hit big shots in baseball. Practicing with wood will help a player to become a better hitter and will also help in increasing bat speed.

Top Baseball Bat Brands

Like we’ve said throughout this page, the most important piece of equipment is the baseball bat. It is highly important for you to read up on our various baseball bat reviews and choose a model that will help in improving your hitting skills. There are many different brands you will come across these days. Most of the top manufactures nowadays design for all levels of play. The following are the top brands that are currently available:

  • Easton – These bats are offered with powerful barrels that offer comfortable grips and are lightweight. You will find them to be made of the best quality materials available and are also on the expensive side. They typically cost over $200. There are also reasonable and well priced Easton bats that are available in the market that are made out of aluminum or wood and high-tech alloys. The company has been in the process of manufacturing aluminum bats since the late 1970’s and have come out with a lot of innovative systems so far.
  • DeMarini – One of the more highly rated and respected manufacturers is DeMarini. They have been in the business since 1990 and offer innovative low to high priced bats. They have a slew of models that are designed both baseball and softball play. They are the pioneers when it comes to manufacturing the double wall system.

We hope you have enjoyed our baseball bat reviews page and that it has helped you find the right one for you for this year’s 2016 season. Newer models are coming right around the corner, so stop by often as we will update this page as much as possible!