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Welcome to our section dedicated to the best youth baseball gear available for the 2016 season. On this page you will find what we feel are the best gloves, bats, cleats, and much more made specifically for younger baseball players. We aim to provide you with our top 5 choices in each category along with a review of each. Baseball, widely considered to be America’s pastime, is played by many young players throughout the world. One of the highlights each and every year is the Little League World Series tournament that brings the best teams worldwide together to decide who is the best. Often times, if you’ve watched this tournament on national TV, you’ll see many new pieces of equipment being used, just like the ones showcased on this page.

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Factors when looking at Youth Baseball Equipment

When deciding what piece of equipment to go for, there are several factors that go into the decision process including:

  • Sizing: Whether it is a bat, glove, or footwear, one of the worst things that can hinder a young player’s enjoyment of the game is equipment that just doesn’t fit right. A bat that is too heavy will make for slower swings. A glove that is too long will make catching a baseball that much harder. Playing with cleats that don’t fit… that’s a recipe for injury. Be sure to pick up equipment that is neither too big or too small, and not too heavy or too light.
  • Protection: Similar to sizing, the last thing a young player wants to do is leave them vulnerable to injury. Baseballs aren’t exactly soft and can inflict damage on a player so it’s important to acquire equipment that protects the player fully.
  • Cost: Since young players are still growing in most cases, making a $300 investment into a baseball bat is not the wisest decision. Unless they are at a competitive level, there are many $50-$100 bats that will perform in the exact same way that a $300 one would at their skill level. Plus you don’t want them to outgrow their equipment each season!
  • Used or New: We often recommend that you go with new equipment especially when it comes to pieces that protect the player. For bats however, we can see you getting away with used.

What are the top brands?

There are many different brands of baseball equipment available. For youth players however, there are a few brands that we highly recommend:

  • Easton: Constantly improving, anything you own with the Easton label promises to provide consistency and durability. In fact, you would be very hard pressed to attend any baseball game without seeing someone using something made from Easton.
  • Demarini: Although known mostly for their bats and bags, the Demaini brand is very strong in youth baseball equipment circles. As you’ll see in our youth baseball bats section, Demarini typically occupies a couple of spots in our Top 5.
  • Wilson: For gloves, there may be no better choice than those made by Wilson. With a strong history of creating industry leading innovations, Wilson gloves have become a staple in the baseball industry.

Highlights from the LLWS

As mentioned earlier, the premier tournament that all youth level players aspire to play in is the Little League world series. Want to know why? Check out some of these highlights:

Well there you have it; we hope you enjoy our lists of the best youth baseball equipment available. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at any time.