Under Armour Leadoff IV Review

If you are looking to dominate on the field the Under Armour Leadoff IV Baseball Cleats can help you do just that. There are two things that make this baseball cleat stand out from other cleats. They are the traction and cushion it provides to the user. Our review in the sections that follow aim to explain both of these items in more detail. We’ll provide you with all of the other major features included in these cleats as well to ensure our review gives you all of the information you could need.

Detailed review on the Leadoff IV series

Under Armour Leadoff IV baseball cleats review

Under Armour Leadoff IV

No matter what position you play in the game of baseball, traction is extremely important. Traction is what helps you keep your feet attached to the ground. As a pitcher you need traction to ensure you can throw the ball with maximum speed. As a batter you need traction to ensure you can get off the plate quickly after you hit the ball. The quicker you can get off the plate the faster you can make it to first base. As an outfielder you are required to cover a lot of ground in a short span of time. Speed and quickness are vital to your success in this position. But without traction there can be no speed and no quickness. With the Under Armour Leadoff IV Baseball Cleats you get all the traction you need to catch fly balls above your head and on the run.

The Under Armour Rotational Traction technology is a special circular cleat configuration. This configuration ensures you get maximum acceleration and maximum power with every stride. It optimizes your rotational capabilities which will allow you to get to more balls quicker.

Let’s talk about cushion. Cushion is extremely important for baseball cleats. Especially when you consider the cleats are pushing up against the feet. Many baseball players complain about the pain and discomfort that often comes from the pressure you feel under your feet. With the Under Armour Leadoff IV Baseball Cleats you don’t have to worry about that.

This shoe uses the ArmourBound technology to provide you with maximum in cushioning. This cushion does three very important things. It absorbs shock, spreads force and distributes the impact evenly throughout the shoe. This is what makes the shoe so comfortable.

Another thing this shoe does is provide abrasion resistance. When you are running in the outfield or running from base to base it is very common for your foot to run up against the front of the sure. This rubbing will usually lead to an abrasion. And while nothing serious, it is very uncomfortable and will make it hard to do your job. The Under Armour Leadoff IV Baseball Cleats use abrasion resistant material.

This keeps your foot protected and you never have to worry about those annoying abrasions you often get with other baseball cleats. The last think we will talk about is ventilation. Your foot needs to breathe. When you are running around in 90 degree weather the last thing you want is for your feet to be over heated. The mesh tongue of this shoe allows your feet to breathe. When your feet stay cool they stay light. As a result you will be able to move a lot faster and get to the base or the fly balls much quicker.